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Hiawatha Coal Company, Inc.

Hiawatha Complex

In Reclamation, Permit C007011

The Hiawatha Mines Complex is located on the east side of the Wasatch Plateau Coal Field, approximately 15 miles southwest of Price, Utah. The permit area encompasses over 12,000 acres and is located south of the Star Point Mines. Federal coal leases as well as fee coal are involved with this mine complex. All underground mining has ceased, the portals were sealed, and reclamation was underway on the refuse pile. The permit for this mine complex was transferred from US Fuel Company to Hiawatha Coal Company on December 12, 1997. Hiawatha Coal Company, Inc. will commence mining again in the near future.

The Hiawatha Mines Complex is a consolidation of several old mining operations: the King, the Hiawatha, the Blackhawk, and the Mohrland Coal mines which began operating in the early 1900's. U.S. Fuel Company was organized in 1915, and began operating in 1916 when it took over the properties of the Consolidation Fuel Company, Castle Valley Coal Company, and Black Hawk Coal Company, all of which were located within the current permit boundary.

Large portions of the permit area have been mined by the room and pillar technique: the King 4 (A and B Seams), the King 5 (B Seam), the King 6 (A and Hiawatha Seams), the King 7 (Hiawatha Seam), and the King 8 (Upper Seam).


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